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Why Fresh Start Natural Foods?

Made in the USA

We're proud to say that all our products are made and produced in America.

Long Lasting

Our products are all stored in resealable bags and ideal for long term storage. 

Free Shipping

Each order is ready to be shipped to communities in need for free. Just give us a call!

Need a Custom Order?

Custom Pallet Program

We can build you a custom pallet program to cater to your community's exact needs.

Power Pallet Program

Build a pallet to support your community or organization.

What our customers are saying!

We raised around $19,000 over the weekend and placed an order on Tuesday.

Chenoa Bah Stilwell-Jenson. Photo courtesy of Orenda Tribe.

It’s all dry, and you just have to prepare it at home with some water. It’s exactly what the families in community need to get through the coming weeks.

Lamuel Adson, the superintendent of Kayenta Unified Schools