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Less than truckload freight shipping (LTL) is used for the transportation of smaller freight loads or when freight doesn't require the use of an entire trailer.


We do not accept returns on our food products. Of course, if your shipment comes to you damaged and the bags have been opened, take pictures of your delivery and contact customer service. We’ll have it picked up and send out another order.


Unfortunately, no.  We can only offer this low wholesale cost through our website.

Our Bean and Rice products are dehydrated so they have a two year shelf life. Granolas, nuts, trail mixes have a six to eight month shelf life. Our Health Shakes have a one year shelf life.

It is a type of blue-green algae that is considered a Superfood due to its excellent nutritional content and health benefits. Research suggests that Spirulina has antioxidant and inflammation fighting properties as well as the ability to regulate the immune system.

Wellmune is a leading natural yeast beta glucan, clinically proven to help strengthen the immune system


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