COVID-19 Rapid Response

Our Rapid Response

At this time we're able to accept new emergency customers that are in need of food products.  For immediate consideration please email for a prompt reply.
In efforts to continue supplying our current customer base without product or transportation interruptions, we have increased our inventory and have been working hand in hand with our customers, packers, and transportation partners to ensure as close to normal operations and distribution as possible. As most of us know, the Coronavirus Pandemic has created unique challenges throughout the American food supply chain. Here at Fresh Start Natural Foods, we have increased our staff hours to handle any emergency customer needs. 

In our facilities:

Our packaging and distribution partners have implemented COVID-19 safety procedures that seek to make sure that ever-changing federal and state protection requirements are achieved.  This includes employee access to hand-washing facilities and restrooms, proper social distancing, and that masks and gloves are provided to workers when required. 

In our office:

All Fresh Start Natural Foods administration staff has been moved to their home offices to be with family and remain safe and well. Over the years our company has planned for emergency responses to a number of disasters and we are prepared for the current disaster. Our position is to exceed the high expectations that we have set for our company and to continue to deliver to our customers without interruption. 

Emergency customer brief:  

We were contacted by the Orenda Tribe of the Navajo Nation requesting a possible solution to an emergency food storage issue. An emergency order of Fresh Start Natural Foods dehydrated quick-serve, high protein, products were placed by the Tribe. Within 4 days over a ton of fsnfoods protein-rich nutritious products arrived for distribution. Please view below.

How We Are Helping