Power Pallet Program

What is the Power Pallet Program?

Start your community fundraising drive or corporate outreach program by building a pallet to support your community or organization. We offer three options to reach your goal, or you can pack your own pallets custom to your individual needs. 

Remember, we offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders. Each order requires a 60 case minimum.

How Do I Start My Order?

Select from our three Power Pallet Options below that best suits your community's needs.

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1 pallet

Total Servings: 5,520

Protein Amount:  37,200g

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2 pallets

Total Servings: 11,040

Protein Amount: 74,400g

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3 pallets

Total Servings: 16,560

Protein Amount: 111,600g

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Just Placed My Order Now What?

You will recieve an email confirmation that we have recieved your order and it has begun processing. Once your order has processed within 48 hours we will be able to ship your order out. Questions about your order? Feel free to contact us.

Fast & Free Shipping

Power Pallet orders will be processed within 48 hours and will ship for FREE from our warehouses in either Kansas City, MO or Los Angeles, CA. We can ship your order anywhere in the US and you will receive it within 5 business days.


Contact us using the form below, or give our customer service team a call.

Customer Service: 1.800.841.2975